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Harry Potter Slash (Not Smut)

An anonymous exchange community.

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Harry Potter Slash (Not Smut) Exchange
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Please feel free to browse and read/view and review as much as you like. Many of the original creators may still have comment notifications turned on for the posts of their creation and would be thrilled to have comments on something from so long ago.

That being said, if you would like to see a revival to this community and are interested in moderating it, please email the maintainer directly at fionafawkes AT gmail DOT com.


Banner made by the great and glorious incapricious.

Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters and themes are the property of JK Rowling, Bloomsbury, Raincoast, Scholastic and Warner Brothers. This exchange is for entertainment purposes only. No profit is being made and no infringement upon copyright is intended.

This community is for the exchange of fiction and artwork depicting same-sex relationships. Both slash and femmeslash are welcome. Intolerance, however, is not. If you are uncomfortable with homosexual themes then it is kindly requested that you find your entertainment elsewhere. All works will contain ratings and warnings and the reader is responsible for using their own judgement before clicking on any links.

Why Slash, but not Smut?
Why not? This exchange is meant to fill in the gap between the smutty slash exchanges, and the non-smutty gen ones. We wanted to give those lovers of slash/femmeslash that are uncomfortable or uninterested in the smut a chance to play, too. Even if you enjoy the smut elsewhere, here we just ask that you leave the juicy details up to our imagination.

The Rules:
♠ Friending is FREE! But membership in the community has been limited to maintenance staff only. Don't worry, you're not missing anything. All participants are asked to either friend or track the community as all announcements regarding the fest will be posted to the community and not emailed.

♠ There is no age restriction for either participants or watchers; you just have to be old enough to have a LiveJournal account. However, posted works will often have adult themes and are intended for a mature audience.

♠ Submissions may be of any rating up to and including PG-13. No works of an R or NC-17 rating will be accepted! If you have questions about the rating of your work, please ask. Exceptions can be made for works where the R rating is necessary for non-sexual themes like violence, language, artistic nudity and other mature themes - but these works will be judged on a case by case basis, so please email the moderators well before the deadline if you have any questions about rating your work.

♠ We require a 1,000 word minimum word count for all fic and expect a comparable amount of effort to be put forth by artists. While we impose no upper limit, it seems that the fics with a 2-5k word count are what we're aiming for. We request that all works be beta read prior to submission. While the moderators will make every effort to review each gift, we will not take responsibility for spelling and grammar, canon-accuracy or formatting.

♠ Please do not sign up to participate if you are unsure of your ability to follow through with any assignment given to you. While we make every effort to match participants with requests that fit their own interests, participants may be given assignments which are outside their usual comfort zone of characters, pairings, and genres. While your gift does not have to be an exact representation of the request, you are expected to make every reasonable effort to create a gift that the recipient would enjoy. The sign up form will ask for characters and situations that you CANNOT write or draw. If you don't list it, you may be expected to gift it. If you are having trouble with your assignment, please talk to the moderators immediately. We are always willing to help.

♠ We will be enforcing a zero-tolerance policy with regards to late submissions. If you have not submitted your piece or been approved for an extension by 10pm EST on the date assignments are due, you will be automatically removed from the exchange – your assignee will be assigned to a pinch hitter and your own gift given away. You will also be disallowed to participate in any future SNS exchanges and your name shared as an unreliable participant with the moderators of any other fests that inquire. If at any point you feel like you will not be able to complete your assigned gift, please let a moderator know immediately so that a pinch hitter can be arranged. Life happens and we get that. Drop outs who give timely notification will be thanked for their honesty and welcomed back in any future exchanges.

♠ This is an anonymous exchange. All gift pieces MUST be one-shots and not sequels to posted pieces or out-takes from a current WIP, posted or not. Please do not post or archive your work outside of this community before the Big Damn Reveal Post at the end of the exchange. After that, feel free to share your works wherever you like, although a little nod back to this community is always appreciated.

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